Development Land Required

Silvermead Properties is constantly seeking opportunities to acquire land for new developments, covering an area within the southern Home Counties, especially prime Surrey and Berkshire, including:

  • Land (with or without current Planning Permission).
  • Commercial sites that have the potential for developing into residential units (offices, warehouses, garages, pubs, health centres, hotels, etc.)
  • Buildings in need of modernisation or conversion.
  • Large garden and plots of land.
  • Brownfield sites
  • Land where planning applications have previously been refused.

If you have land that you think might be suitable for residential or commercial property, then we would like to discuss the opportunities with you. Please call us or contact us on the details below. We will quickly assess the potential of any site and follow up with our own professional appraisal. Whilst we cannot promise that every piece of land will be suitable, if you give us a call, we will endeavor to reply as quickly as possible.

Over the years, Silvermead Properties has established relationships with various experienced and dedicated professionals within the development sector. We work closely with very well connected professionals with the right technical expertise; architects, planning professionals and local consultants, in order to obtain planning permission and deliver the best product, at the highest standard. All our developments are designed and constructed to harmonise and complement the surroundings, whilst ensuring our construction process is rigorously monitored, to guarantee the environment is not compromised.

If you know of any land that is worth consideration for development. We will perform our own appraisals on the sites we review and respond
as quickly as possible.

Joint Ventures

A joint venture agreement can increase profit margin and ease the development process because the vendor offers their land as security, whilst Silvermead Properties finances the development. A mutually acceptable division of profits is agreed at the outset, meaning that both parties are fully aware of their return on investment. This particularly helps land owners secure funding at a time when banks are reducing their exposure to the risks associated by lending to part time developers. More and more vendors are now choosing joint ventures as this can dramatically increase their chances of achieving the optimum asking price.

Silvermead Properties will review the project and, if a joint venture is deemed appropriate for both parties, we will then proceed to the next step i.e. joint venture contracts etc. We then apply our knowledge and experience - acquired over several years on many previous developments - to carry out the development to the highest of standards and potentially increase the profit share for all parties involved in the project.